Corporate Profile

Chanar Sugar Mills

Chanar Sugar Mills Ltd was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 24th November 1990, and was subsequently granted a certificate of commencement of business on 30th December 1990 by Joint Registrar of Companies, Lahore.

The sponsors of the project after due diligence and survey of the entire province of Punjab, decided to set up a sugar mill at Tandlianwala, District Faisalabad in view of abundant availability of sugarcane. The location provides an easy access to market sugar in Southern as well as Northern region of Pakistan.

The company has harnessed all resources to produce the best possible sugar for which it deploys all measures possible for consistency and quality. As a consequence, we get a premium both in the local and international market.

Management of Chanar Sugar Mills Ltd realizes the importance of Research and Development in sugar industry and will therefore continue to make investments for balancing, modernization and replacement to further improve the plant efficiency , remain competitive and achieve highest possible standards. With a dedicated team, we also intend to invest in a bagasse based cogeneration plant to contribute 20-30 megawatts electricity for the National Grid.

It is an earnest desire of the management that company continues to enjoy its excellent market reputation by producing premium quality sugar both for local and international markets. We will make all out efforts to incessantly excel in the industry and stand committed to provide a conducive working environment to achieve our objective of complete satisfaction of customers for a lasting relationship.